This portion of the website is meant to help prepare organizations for working with Jason Lanier. and his team on humanitarian work around the world.  Below we discuss the services that we provide for organizations or people that are seeking to make the world a better place for those who are less fortunate.  We can't wait to work with you soon!


One of the most needed resource to organizations is the ability to raise funds and awareness for their given cause.  With the large and generous social media following that Jason possesses it enables the organizations he works with to help spread their message.  Jason shares his videos, pictures, and experiences with these organizations via his social media to help raise awareness which in turn helps them raise the funds necessary to do the good work they need to do.  

Images to the organization

While working with organizations Jason understandably captures lots of images.  Sometimes it's portraits, sometimes it's candids, and sometimes it's behind the scenes images.  Jason works closely with organizations to help understand what will benefit them the most for their needs.  The most important part of it is Jason speaks with the organizations to help determine what will benefit the most and to tell the story of their efforts. Organizations are given a link to the finished captured images with a license to utilize these images on their website and for print and promotional material to market their efforts.  All finished images are provided free of charge.  Jason Lanier retains copyrights to all images taken as he uses them for his work to help promote the cause with posting images as well as including them in his videos.

Videos about the work

One of the most powerful mediums today is video.  Telling a story through interviews, behind the scenes footage, and capturing emotions in a documentary style is what Jason and his team do best when working with organizations trying to help others.

Jason has a large following on Youtube and uses that following to help generate awareness for organizations.  The video content captured is turned into Youtube videos which are posted with links to the organizations that Jason and his team work with.  Many organizations have annual galas or fund raising events and the videos are a big part in helping those events to be successful.

Organizations are given a copy of the Youtube video(s) created to be able to show the video at their event, free of charge.  Organizations are also allowed to post a URL from Jason's Youtube Channel on their website to showcase the video created when Jason and his team worked with them.  Simply stated, organizations are given a license to use the finished stills and video work that Jason creates, free of charge.  We just want to help in our little way to make the world a better place.

Below is the release form that organizations need to complete before Jason and his team can work with them on their projects.

RELEASE for humanitarian Projects

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Name of Responsible Officer signing on behalf of the organization
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Date for Project to Begin
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