In December 2014 Jason Lanier was officially invited to be one of the Artisans in Sony's prestigious Artisans of Imagery Program.  PLEASE THUMBS UP AND SUBSCRIBE!

Very few photographers in the world are included in such a program for any camera manufacturer, so Jason took the opportunity to quickly thank his family, friends, and Sony for the huge honor.

Jason started shooting with Sony cameras in July 2014 after having shot his entire career with Nikon.  Jason did so with absolutely no relationship with Sony.  The main motivation for moving to Sony from Nikon was due to the newer innovation, better technology, and the integration of the best Mirrorless camera system in the world that Sony brought to the table.

Jason first started with the Sony A6000 and then added the A7 series bodies to his set of gear.  From July through October 2014 Jason shot with the Sony's putting them through rigorous tests while many times taking his Nikon's along for the ride as a backup, only to end up not using them.  

During this time his work included a documentary film and images from Ethiopia, workshops that he taught in Niagara Falls, West Virginia, and San Diego, and he shot 5 weddings at Disneyland, Florida, Hollywood, Kentucky, San Juan Capistrano, downtown Los Angeles, and more.

He also took the cameras to three different Urban Exploration jobs including Six Flags New Orleans, the Waldo Hotel in West Virginia, and finally the Hecla Star Mine in Idaho.  While shooting at the mine in Idaho Jason finally decided it was time to make a final decision and determined he was 100% leaving Nikon to shoot Sony.   This decision didn't come quickly or easily.  It was after nearly 4 months of heavy shooting of nearly 100,000 images that Jason felt comfortable moving ahead with the Sony cameras.

It was at this time that he shot the now viral video 10 Reasons why a Professional Photographer left Nikon and started shooting Sony  He shot this video with no involvement or communication with Sony.  The purpose of the video was to explain to his followers why he left Nikon as this was a daily question and discussion on his Facebook Page.  The video was a quick and easy way to respond to everyone at once, and then it took off from there.

With the release of the video Sony became aware of Jason's move to Sony cameras and in December 2014 Jason was invited to become an Artisan in the Program.  Needless to say Jason was very excited to join such a great group of artists and a wonderful company like Sony.

So stay tuned for more of Jason's adventures in it will just be with Sony cameras. We thank you for watching and hope you stick around and watch a few more video while you're at it...:)