Wedding guests use of Smartphones, Ipads, and Cameras at their friends weddings have changed the dynamic landscape of how wedding photography is captured in a technology fueled world.  Award winning destination wedding photographer Jason Lanier discusses 3 different types of wedding photography scenarios that exist today and helps brides and grooms to figure out what will work best for them.  Click below now!
The 3 different types of photography include:
*Unplugged weddings- where the bride and groom ask their wedding guests to not use their smartphones or cameras at all during the wedding.  
*Plugged-In Weddings- where the wedding couple encourages their wedding guests to be as snap happy as possible and take as many pictures as they can.
*Stand-By weddings- where the wedding couple asks their guests to use their smartphones and cameras in only select times and areas during the wedding day to allow the professional photographer to capture the wedding day without having to fight with wedding guests for the special photography moments.
Jason discusses the pros and cons to each scenario, and then details how a Stand-By Wedding should be done so that the professional photographer and the wedding guests can all be happy.  Enjoy!