With the gracious blessing of the folks at Middleton Place Plantation in South Carolina, I was allowed to do shoots there while I was on the East Coast last month.  The only problem was that it started pouring rain just as I arrived after driving two hours from Myrtle Beach to get there.

Not to be deterred by rain (and it was POURING), I decided to still shoot using my Rotolights and all...and my gear was SOAKED.  This shot was taken using a flood light that was located in one of the huge oak trees to backlight the model, and then used my Rotolights to light her from the front.  It was a crazy and fun shoot!!

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Camera settings: Nikon D800, 1/80 sec at f/4.0, 24mm at ISO 5000, flash did not fire.  Taken at 8:51pm.