Click the link above to Join Jason Lanier for an amazing workshop where he will teach you how to shoot, light, pose, and compose your images to get amazing results!  Jason has shot all over the world and brings all that experience to you.

*12pm-7pm- Composition, Lighting, Exposure and POSING! Jason will use models to show you how to shoot in manual mode, understand your settings, and give you the know how to enable you to get the most out of your camera.  He will expand upon those teachings and show you how and when to use on camera flash, off camera flash, and then incorporate video lighting into your photography to make them POP!  His quick, easy, and dramatic posing techniques will help you with wedding, fashion, senior and family portrait photography.  Posing and lighting are the two hardest things for most photographers to handle which is why Jason will show you how to do them with amazing results.  We will also make sure to stop and get some amazing sunset shots as the sun dips below the horizon....

*7pm-8pm- Dinner Break

*8:30-11:30pm- Supernatural Shoot!  If you haven't seen Jason's supernatural shoots you are missing out! Jason takes the lessons learned during the day and applies them to a shoot full of lighting scenarios and situations that are difficult for most photographers to get.  He does all of this in crazy haunted Gettysburg!  Armed with infrared cameras, microphones, and more, Jason combines amazing shoots with ghost hunting for an experience that is unlike any other you've ever had.  It's an amazing time and we've had the brave to the timid join us on Supernatural Shoots all over the country including the Moundsville State Penitentiary, Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Birdcage Theater and more.

Get ready for an action packed day.  It will be AMAZING!!