Join award winning photographer Jason Lanier as he does a swimsuit shoot in a swimming pool in Cancun Mexico using the Sony A7Rii with the Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 lens. 

Utilizing no underwater gear, Jason goes into the pool with the model at 6am in the morning to complete the shoot at sunrise.  He used the Rotolight Neo to light the model (Aurora Luna) before the sun rose, and then shot with natural light after the sun had risen.

All shots were edited using Lightroom.  For client purposes cloning could be done to remove the umbrellas, and more, but we like to show you the shots as close to as they were taken so you see the photography end of things, not the photoshop.

This is a 1 hour shoot condensed down to 5 minutes of footage, and there is limited audio because well...microphones don't like water too much.