Click below to watch the video of the shoot!

Join Jason Lanier for a shoot in Detroit Michigan where he really tested the limits of high ISO using the Sony A7S camera in the abandoned Fisher Body Plant.

This shoot was done as a fashion bridal shoot using a mixture of LED lighting and off camera flash.  The ISO range was between 2,000 ISO and 51,200 ISO with no noise reduction used.  All images shows were edited using Lightroom Only and no noise reduction was done.

Shoot Details:

  • Shoot Location: Detroit Michigan
  • Shoot Date: September 2014
  • Camera Body: Sony A7S
  • Lens: Rokinon 14mm with the Nikon manual adapter
  • LED lights- obsolete
  • Off Camera Flash- Interfit Strobie 360
  • Model: Alexa Atkins
  • Video Camera Operator: Jason Coccio